Natural Health Education: A Spiritual Viewpoint

In many ways we have, over the last two millennia, made a journey, in our perspective, from the spirit to the scientific, from the soul to matter. Western civilisation spent centuries being force fed manmade ideas about god and religion – these were known as the Dark Ages, where science and technology were repressed by a Church, very much concerned with controlling the state and its citizens. Now, in the 21C, we are seeking to rediscover the essence of spirit without all that controlling dogma. Natural health education: A spiritual viewpoint is becoming more important to many in our communities.

Spirit vs Science in the 21C

It is a natural law that when we turn from one way to find another, which is diametrically opposed, we will end up having travelled to far in this new direction. We will need to rectify this by coming back a little way in the opposite direction. We broke away from the realm of spirit, soul and religion, because it had been polluted by controlling misusers of power. All those Cardinals, Bishops and Priests, who had sought to censor our marriage beds and defile the education of our children, had spoiled god and the worship of spirit for many. Now, however, some of us are finding a lack of soul in our world and want to do something about that.

The Return of Natural Health Education

Natural health education is a return, in some part, to a wisdom that predates the Christian church. A return to the folk wisdom of plants and their medicinal uses. The spirit within nature, which contains healing properties among other forces. These qualities were demonised by the Church as heretical and, then, later by science as unfounded and credulous. Natural health, it seems, was caught between labels of witchcraft and arcane superstition. There remains a solid core of medical practitioners and scientists dedicated to the removal of natural health education at tertiary levels in Australia. These, so-called Friends of Science want these courses banned and things like Chiropractic not recognised in this country as a valid health science.

In the 21C, nutritional science is rediscovering the natural healing properties of plants, and technology is making these properties more efficacious than ever before. It is a renaissance period for natural health education, as science affirms many of the ancient findings published in extant tomes. We can now go exploring the realm of medical images to enlighten ourselves further about the efficacy of natural health.


The Importance of Mental Health In Children

Children are often the image of their parents. Most proud parents recurrently refer to these tiny beings as their ‘mini me’. They are so puffed up with pride when the children start mimicking their actions. But, as so often as we are reminded, not all are meant to be parents or have the capacity to bring up a child. Sometimes what is overlooked is the mental health of these people. The importance of mental health in children cannot be stressed enough. If the adults they are around with are not of sound mind, then these children might suffer in some way.

Good mental health helps children with self confidence and high self-esteem. It enables them to have a healthy view of themselves and not to shy away from social situations. They think clearly and can do small decisions involving day to day activities. It gives them the ability to be resilient to grow up to be well adjusted, contributing to the community adult.

Every adult around the child contributes in some way to his mental health. So parents need to at least provide the care that are expected of them. All others should have professional development for teachers or its equivalent to ensure that they will give positive influence on a child’s mental health. There must also be a few things to do to ensure proper mental health or at least prevent illness.The-Importance-of-Mental-Health-In-Children

  • Do not shy away from talking about feelings
  • Exercise is known to have psychological benefits. While the body is active, the mind regulates.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep reduces stress and puts you in a better mood thereby lessening anxiety and risk of depression. It also helps you focus and have clarity of memory.
  • A healthy diet gives your brain needed vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for it to perform well.
  • Meditate or at least have a ‘me’ time. Teach children meditation. It helps.
  • Be in good company. It is not always easy to ask for help. But when you are in good company they will notice when something is wrong.

These are just some of the things one can do and teach children so they may grow up with a good disposition and normal or improved mental health and well-being

Nurturing Children’s Spiritual Health

Children, they say, are the reflection of parental behaviour. They are mirrors, emulating their surroundings and people they interact with, which in their first few years are their parents, relatives and some form of helpers. They would not only look like them but also would emulate gestures, habits and language.

Parents, doting as they are, would often pay particular attention to their child’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual wellbeing. Most of the time, the child’s spiritual needs would come a lot later. Unless the parents are very active in their community or deeply religious. For most, the child would have the same religion as the parents. But religion is different from spirituality.

John Bradford said : ‘For a human being, especially a child or young person, to have a full quality of life, spirituality in all its aspects must be nurtured and affirmed. For children or young people who have been marginalised or who have suffered deprivation in every way, the need for such nurture and affirmation in human spirituality is all the more pronounced’.

Spirituality is innate

Once we teach values, teaching right and wrong, prayers, why we pray, to whom we pray, they start to think more. Around four or five they normally get a sort of awareness. And with their multitude of questions you would realize they are looking for more than toddler-sized answers. How can we be sure that we are nurturing children’s spiritual health?

Nurturing your child’s spirituality

  • Tell stories – storytelling is more than bonding with your child. It opens up their minds to all sorts of explanation of why things are, what made them so, why some people sometimes do bad things.
  • Have traditions – rituals and traditions are ways of remembering the past and making memories for the present. It brings about a sense of connection with your family members both alive and those who passed.
  • Explain holidays – why they are celebrated, what it meant. The spiritual side of things.
  • Teach gratitude and reflection – For all the good that comes to your life, be thankful. For all the mistakes they will make, correct and reflect.

Don’t pretend to know all the answers and gently lead them into the way of nature.How things are, why can’t it change… explain as much as you can. Gradually you will see how much this will help them in future, by starting them early on their spiritual growth.

Live Life Beautifully

We are born from nothing into a world full of all sorts of opportunities and challenges. We emerge from our mother’s loins, sparked by a father’s seed and its meeting with mater’s egg. It is a miracle of nature, mere words, until you experience it as a parent. We come from nothing and return to that intangible realm upon our death. Many religious people will illustrate and augment those poles with their own handed down narratives. The god word may, indeed, be mentioned. This illusive term is bandied about willy nilly by millions and millions of human beings. Biology gets shunted to the back of the queue by the great ignorance in the room.

The Dance of Life

To live life beautifully, may seem, to some, a strange mission statement or mantra. Life, however, does not come with a manual, no matter what those bible-thumping and quran-calling cats may beg to differ. All, so-called, holy books were written by human beings, whether the narrators ands scribes claimed divine direction or not. You can imagine whatever you like, but it does not make it a fact of life. Your mummy and daddy may have told you different and they may have been informed by their parents, and so on, but word of mouth don’t make it the word of god. A beautiful lie, is still an untruth, no matter, how pretty the pictures.

The Harmonious Lips of Nature

Sometimes, we need to find balance with the help of nature, it may be a remedy or a something else. Nature’s song contains a powerful vibration, which has been composed by the forces of life itself. We need to be in tune with the dance of life. The strange contradiction is that religion’s written down message is man made and divorced from the harmonious lips of nature. We are all searching for solutions to our questions; and many of these are now answered by Google. Science, basically, measures things; religions make up stuff to, hopefully, explain things.

These Gods Are Out of Touch with Our Realities

In the godless, materialistic, west, we are all about getting our environments in shape to support us. This is why many of us live in beautiful homes and go about in comfortable surroundings. The archaic Bronze Age religions were all begot in the brutal deserts of Palestine, Judea and Arabia. Millennia has passed since Jehovah, seemingly, stomped upon these harsh grounds. To say that these gods are out of touch with our realities is akin to that finger pointing at the moon.



Maintaining health and beauty

Yoga For Maintaining Health And Beauty

We normally use cosmetic products or undergo cosmetic enhancement procedures when we want to look good. But did you know that there is a cheap alternative to our traditional beauty solutions? Not only that it does not cost a single dime, but it is also natural and non-toxic. Say hello to yoga. It offers wonderful health and beauty benefits. As a matter of fact, celebrities and movie stars do yoga for maintaining health and beauty. People in the Down Under can achieve that glowing skin and healthy disposition by joining AMC Group Australian yoga classes or any fitness centres.

Yoga For Maintaining Health And Beauty

People always hear that yoga promotes a dynamic flow of our prana. For skeptics and newbies out there, they want concrete evidences that yoga is good for the body. Good thing that the Western science is starting to give actual proof as to how yoga helps us get better, relieves pain, and keeps sickness at bay. Here are some things that will support the truths about yoga for maintaining health and beauty.

  • Yoga improves a person’s sleep quality.

As per recent studies, yoga is among the most effective alternative strategies in addressing insomnia. In fact, Harvard researchers found out that eight weeks of doing yoga everyday remarkably improved the sleep quality of people suffering from insomnia. If you are already into yoga, you can try relaxed yoga asanas, like the forward fold, to promote the circulation in your body. This will immensely help you get a good night’s sleep.

  • Yoga represses our impulses for food cravings.

According to a research from the University of Washington, those who regularly practice yoga becomes mindful eaters. They come to be extra conscious of the physical and emotional sensations identified with eating. Through breath awareness in yoga, our mind-body connection is strengthened. For instance, when our food cravings hit us, we should try breathing exercises so that we can make a better way out of this impulse.

  • Yoga prevents pimple breakouts and oily skin.

People who are prone to acne and oily skin should try yoga. Breathing exercises like the hissing breath, give a cooling effect that aids our skin in maintaining its natural glow.

  • Yoga helps you get a flatter stomach and a curvier waistline.

There are certain yoga poses that can help you achieve that slim waistline. This is because each pose targets different areas of our body. For a flatter stomach, try yoga forms that are focused on your core, glutes, and back areas.

Why You Should Treat Yourself Or Your Friend To Some Beauty Therapy

There has been an almighty tussle going on for some decades, now, about how we should view the disabled world. The word ’disabled’ itself has been designated the appropriate term by people without a disability. It is like fair skinned folks calling darker skinned people ‘black’; who gives them the right to call the shots? We, as a global community, are waking up to many of the injustices foisted upon us by our ancestors, through plain old ignorance. Names are important, because in most peoples’ minds the name signifies the reality and their understanding of it. Beauty is related to this, because to call someone disabled is to define them by their lack of ability.

Why You Should Treat Yourself Or Your Friend To Some Beauty Therapy

How would you like to be known for your inability to do something or be something? Disability has been thus designated by doctors, the medical model, with the best of intentions, but the worst of outcomes. Doctors cannot fix most disabilities; if you are labelled disabled it means that medicine has not come up with a cure, so far. The social model would rather people accept these differently made human beings, as they currently are. Therefore, adjudicate their beauty on this basis, not on their failure to stand perfectly tall or see or hear or whatever it may be.

Allow these human beings to be beautiful within their own parameters, and do not categorise them as less than perfect human beings. We all want to be beautiful, and we are all beautiful, in our own distinctive ways.  This is not some consolation prize, this is their right as a human being. Wash out the ignorance and small mindedness out of your eyes and see what is truly before you. Feel the glow and magic of their essential humanity. See the spark in their eye and know the blush of the blood beneath their skin.

Beauty has traditionally been reserved for the wealthy and powerful among us. Poor parents did not encourage their children to visit expensive day spas and retreats. Similarly, it is not commonly thought that disabled people would or should benefit from a beauty treatment. Well, the world is changing my friend and the class system is crumbling. Treating yourself or a friend to some beauty therapy is no longer the sole province of the rich and beautiful among us. Here are some ideas for other activities, which could enliven another human being’s day.


Correcting Your Posture: An Essential Beauty Step

Standing tall to receive the sun, is an essential act, if we are to become the human being that we were born to be.  Some of us stoop in childhood, perhaps, because we felt too tall in comparison to our peers or were bowed down with poor self-esteem. Whatever the cause, there comes a time, when we must stand up to become the woman or man we were meant to be. Correcting your posture is an essential beauty step and the first step we always encourage. Coming to terms with who you are on this earth, and inside your own skin, is an integral part of life.

Correcting Your Posture: An Essential Beauty Step

Sometimes achieving correct posture is no easy thing for some among us. Years of poor posture and bioenergetic investiture in hiding your true self may have created structural problems that require biostructural therapy. Similarly, if a tree has been bent over by strong winds for many years, it cannot just free its branches upon a whim to stand straight upon the earth. It takes years of training to reverse the trend. Luckily for us human beings, we are not as stiff rooted as trees.

Advanced Biostructural Correction is available through chiropractic treatment, to release those of us locked in postures linked to our unhealthy pasts. We have emotional attachments to these false postures, like those we may have to certain comfort foods from our childhoods. We may have grown up with traumas or stresses, which have bent us over like that tree on the windy plain. Understanding our attachments to particular ways of being, attitudes and beliefs, can be the first step toward freedom from the past. Something that is truly beautiful, is something, which embodies its potential.

Real beauty is the tree, which grows true and straight. Wild animals have that rare and real beauty about them. They are the way nature intended them to be. Correcting your posture: An essential beauty step. This is not cosmetic beauty, but the real thing, as your nature intended you to be. Stand up straight and look the world in the eye. Feel the sun shining down upon your form. Be true to yourself and you will be rewarded with the life that fate always had in store for you. Put aside those childish things and stand tall. Good posture is your god given right.


How to Improve Your Psychic Intuition

What is psychic ability? Does it really exist? Or, is it all a con? When someone goes to a psychic they are usually told a number of things, purportedly relating to their lives. Critics of the psychic world, most often, point their finger at the general nature of the things told to clients and how they invariably revolve around romantic love interests and/or money. The inference is that the majority of human beings will respond to these inexact messages about archetypal themes like love and the desire for personal success.

How to Improve Your Psychic Intuition

There is no denying that the material world is often perceived by many of us as largely indifferent to our personal aspirations. So, when someone claims that the universe has a special message for us, it is highly attractive for many. Psychic ability, in most cases, is based on the recognition of broader themes or patterns in people’s lives. It is often centred around an alphabet of symbols taken from antiquity and these are reinterpreted in modern contexts. A psychic will see certain symbols and, perhaps, sense particular energies, which are then placed into a narrative, hopefully applicable to the client.

As most psychics would admit, psychic intuition, and the client messages based on it, are not the result of an exact science. There is a hit and miss quality to psychic readings, “Is there a John in the audience? A Don, perhaps?” The best psychic readers are able to proffer their information in such a way as to invite the client to embrace the message where applicable and not focus on the mistakes. Psychic wisdom spread through social media channels is another manifestation of humanity’s love affair with the meta-truth qualities of psychic intuition.

How to improve your psychic intuition? Mentally step back from the minutiae of your own life and see the broader patterns at work in your life. See your life as a movie on a screen involving a character; pull yourself out of the intensely subjective response to this. Be aware of the recurring symbols appearing in episodes of your existence. Find the archetypal themes in your life and the lives of those around you. Stop reacting to everything.  Pause and ponder, contemplate. Psychics are sieves, sifting through data to find meaning. Intuition is not certainty, you must let go of the need for exactitude and black and white answers.


Tantra & The High Priestess Courtesan

Tantra & The High Priestess CourtesanThe hit movie 50 Shades of Grey grabbed the attention of the audience from around the world. Most of them were spotty youths whose sex lives are constrained in their imagination. The film also touched the popular sexual archetypes and stroked the risqué world of BDSM.

Sexual archetypes, such as tantra & the high priestess courtesan, are universal characters that are embedded deep in our consciousness. Moreover, they represent our own concept of sexual experience and conjure deep, sexual emotions. You will see this kind of passion among tantric practitioners.

Tantra & The High Priestess Courtesan

Sexual fantasies are not limited to spotty youths with no sex lives. Even the most alpha of all alpha males has their own sexual archetypes. Our fantasies are our own way of liberation, sexual or not, from our confinement from work, religion or other people.

One of the most common sexual archetypes involves tantra & the high priestess courtesan.  Those who have an extreme penchant for courtesans or the commercial aspect, being high-end escorting, associate this archetype with the slave-whore fantasy. Here are other clichéd sexual archetypes:

  • The Perfect Partner

The perfect partner is described to give an intense, meaningful and fulfilling sex. He/she could be anyone, as long as he/she can do whatever you want him/her to do to you. The perfect lover is broad in one sense, but his/her underlying feature is his/her seductiveness and irresistibility.

This sexual archetype is popular for giving the passionate kiss. It is as if there is this deep connection that binds you together. The perfect lover will never deprive you of sex. In fact, he/she will make love to you in various positions. Oral sex, anal sex and mutual masturbation are among the favourite acts that the perfect partner can give and/or receive.

  • The Perfect Partners

Threesome, foursome or orgies, you name it. Having the perfect partners will double, or triple, the pleasure and excitement. This sexual archetype is very common among men. However, it seems that women are catching on to this fantasy. It may be because that the society allows women to take in two men simultaneously, or a couple; whatever floats their boat.

Couples try to avoid the monotonous sex by making it more creative and active. This may involve inviting another couple to join you, or an extra man or a woman who can handle sexual tension. Those who already lived out this sexual archetype gave an opportunity to feel joint ecstasy.

  • Public Display and Voyeurism

Exhibitionism and voyeurism are a fantastic combo of sexual archetype. There is something pleasurable about parading the sexual act, letting other people see it, and watching it yourself. That said, exhibitionism and voyeurism aren’t entirely visual. It can be hearing someone say naughty things, or speaking about your sex life openly.

One concrete example of this is pornography. Most of our sexual archetypes are drawn from pornography, even exhibitionism and voyeurism. Porn actors perform sexual acts knowing that other people will see them, either on the big screen or online. As such, we enjoy watching people plough each other, and do our inner most sexual fetishes.

Skin-friendly foods - detox diet plan

The relationship between healthy looking skin and going on a diet

It is every person’s desire to become beautiful, from head to toe. Some people work extremely hard to get their looks, while some rely on a few nips and tucks. Sometimes, a change of lifestyle is necessary in order to achieve a certain level of beauty. For some people, getting those looks mean improving their morale – while others just see this as a personal weapon. Working on your fitness is essential, and a detox diet plan can definitely come in handy. Here’s what you need to know about the relationship between being beautiful and maintaining a healthy diet, and why they should be prioritized equally.

Why bad food can lead to bad physical attributes

They say that people are simply better looking if they take care of their health, and this is most evident with the quality of food they consume. High sugar and fat contents are known to have very visible effects when it comes to a person’s physical attributes. Some of these effects are saggy skin and acne-prone skin – both of which are very undesirable for any person. This also doesn’t talk about just weight gain; it also takes about wrinkles and the oiliness of the person’s skin. If a person consumes very fatty foods, then they are more likely to suffer from oily skin or minor acne.

Skin-friendly foods

There are many kinds of food out there that are known to be very good for your skin. Some of these are olive oil, tomatoes, green tea. They all have antioxidant properties that definitely treat the skin well. They are all known as well to boost blood and oxygen circulation in your body, and that helps in maintaining that youthful and plump quality to your skin. These foods are very easy to integrate in your detox diet plan and fitness program. Some of the other skin-friendly foods are kale, almond milk, and of course, water.

Would you believe that there’s a plethora of skin-centric diets out there? Dr. Jessica Wu of Dr. Jessica Wu Skincare says that “I tell my patients that what they put in their mouths is as important as the products they apply on their skin. “Foods get digested and broken down into vitamins, minerals and amino acids that your body can use to build healthy skin. If you crash diet or eat highly processed foods, your skin won’t be as strong and supple as it could be. For example, if you don’t eat enough protein, you are depriving your skin of the amino acids that go into making collagen (which makes your skin strong) and elastic tissue (which makes it supple).” Dr. Jessica Wu mentions this in her book, “Feed Your Face.”

Amp it up with some exercise

It is very important to detoxify while you are doing your workout regimen. This keeps the bad out of your system, and that will surely show in the way you look. Detoxifying by definition is the removal of toxic substances in your body, and this case, it means getting rid of the fat and other bad elements in your body. Some go for a juice cleanse or some just decide to completely eat clean. Eating clean includes a diet with whole grains, natural fruit, and food that aren’t processed. This a highly recommended diet for absolutely anyone, as it has enough nutritional content – and in theory, caloric quantity doesn’t matter that much in this diet. What matters more in eating clean is the quality of food that you are consuming.

It goes without saying that eating healthy can work even better if it’s done alongside a solid workout program. If you plan to head out outside for a run, don’t forget to apply some sunscreen to your entire body so that you will be protected from the harsh rays of the sun. If you’re staying in the gym, bring your own towels and shower with hot THEN cold water. This showering style is known to be very good for your skin, as it opens up your pores then closes them all up again.

But, don’t starve yourself!

They say that you are what you eat – and that’s definitely true! A person who puts their looks on top of their priorities will most likely maintain a healthy diet. However, this doesn’t mean that they have to starve themselves just to maintain a skinny figure. As mentioned, looking good demands a lot of effort – and the diet part is a huge part of it. Always think that whatever bad food that you will consume will be a reflection of yourself. Not to mention, it will definitely show in your figure!

If you want to maintain a healthy diet and good skin and looks, don’t hesitate to approach and consult with an expert regarding these matters.  They’ll be more than happy to accommodate you.