Live Life Beautifully

We are born from nothing into a world full of all sorts of opportunities and challenges. We emerge from our mother’s loins, sparked by a father’s seed and its meeting with mater’s egg. It is a miracle of nature, mere words, until you experience it as a parent. We come from nothing and return to that intangible realm upon our death. Many religious people will illustrate and augment those poles with their own handed down narratives. The god word may, indeed, be mentioned. This illusive term is bandied about willy nilly by millions and millions of human beings. Biology gets shunted to the back of the queue by the great ignorance in the room.

The Dance of Life

To live life beautifully, may seem, to some, a strange mission statement or mantra. Life, however, does not come with a manual, no matter what those bible-thumping and quran-calling cats may beg to differ. All, so-called, holy books were written by human beings, whether the narrators ands scribes claimed divine direction or not. You can imagine whatever you like, but it does not make it a fact of life. Your mummy and daddy may have told you different and they may have been informed by their parents, and so on, but word of mouth don’t make it the word of god. A beautiful lie, is still an untruth, no matter, how pretty the pictures.

The Harmonious Lips of Nature

Sometimes, we need to find balance with the help of nature, it may be a remedy or a something else. Nature’s song contains a powerful vibration, which has been composed by the forces of life itself. We need to be in tune with the dance of life. The strange contradiction is that religion’s written down message is man made and divorced from the harmonious lips of nature. We are all searching for solutions to our questions; and many of these are now answered by Google. Science, basically, measures things; religions make up stuff to, hopefully, explain things.

These Gods Are Out of Touch with Our Realities

In the godless, materialistic, west, we are all about getting our environments in shape to support us. This is why many of us live in beautiful homes and go about in comfortable surroundings. The archaic Bronze Age religions were all begot in the brutal deserts of Palestine, Judea and Arabia. Millennia has passed since Jehovah, seemingly, stomped upon these harsh grounds. To say that these gods are out of touch with our realities is akin to that finger pointing at the moon.