Natural Health Education: A Spiritual Viewpoint

In many ways we have, over the last two millennia, made a journey, in our perspective, from the spirit to the scientific, from the soul to matter. Western civilisation spent centuries being force fed manmade ideas about god and religion – these were known as the Dark Ages, where science and technology were repressed by a Church, very much concerned with controlling the state and its citizens. Now, in the 21C, we are seeking to rediscover the essence of spirit without all that controlling dogma. Natural health education: A spiritual viewpoint is becoming more important to many in our communities.

Spirit vs Science in the 21C

It is a natural law that when we turn from one way to find another, which is diametrically opposed, we will end up having travelled to far in this new direction. We will need to rectify this by coming back a little way in the opposite direction. We broke away from the realm of spirit, soul and religion, because it had been polluted by controlling misusers of power. All those Cardinals, Bishops and Priests, who had sought to censor our marriage beds and defile the education of our children, had spoiled god and the worship of spirit for many. Now, however, some of us are finding a lack of soul in our world and want to do something about that.

The Return of Natural Health Education

Natural health education is a return, in some part, to a wisdom that predates the Christian church. A return to the folk wisdom of plants and their medicinal uses. The spirit within nature, which contains healing properties among other forces. These qualities were demonised by the Church as heretical and, then, later by science as unfounded and credulous. Natural health, it seems, was caught between labels of witchcraft and arcane superstition. There remains a solid core of medical practitioners and scientists dedicated to the removal of natural health education at tertiary levels in Australia. These, so-called Friends of Science want these courses banned and things like Chiropractic not recognised in this country as a valid health science.

In the 21C, nutritional science is rediscovering the natural healing properties of plants, and technology is making these properties more efficacious than ever before. It is a renaissance period for natural health education, as science affirms many of the ancient findings published in extant tomes. We can now go exploring the realm of medical images to enlighten ourselves further about the efficacy of natural health.