Tantra & The High Priestess Courtesan

Tantra & The High Priestess CourtesanThe hit movie 50 Shades of Grey grabbed the attention of the audience from around the world. Most of them were spotty youths whose sex lives are constrained in their imagination. The film also touched the popular sexual archetypes and stroked the risqué world of BDSM.

Sexual archetypes, such as tantra & the high priestess courtesan, are universal characters that are embedded deep in our consciousness. Moreover, they represent our own concept of sexual experience and conjure deep, sexual emotions. You will see this kind of passion among tantric practitioners.

Tantra & The High Priestess Courtesan

Sexual fantasies are not limited to spotty youths with no sex lives. Even the most alpha of all alpha males has their own sexual archetypes. Our fantasies are our own way of liberation, sexual or not, from our confinement from work, religion or other people.

One of the most common sexual archetypes involves tantra & the high priestess courtesan.  Those who have an extreme penchant for courtesans or the commercial aspect, being high-end escorting, associate this archetype with the slave-whore fantasy. Here are other clichéd sexual archetypes:

  • The Perfect Partner

The perfect partner is described to give an intense, meaningful and fulfilling sex. He/she could be anyone, as long as he/she can do whatever you want him/her to do to you. The perfect lover is broad in one sense, but his/her underlying feature is his/her seductiveness and irresistibility.

This sexual archetype is popular for giving the passionate kiss. It is as if there is this deep connection that binds you together. The perfect lover will never deprive you of sex. In fact, he/she will make love to you in various positions. Oral sex, anal sex and mutual masturbation are among the favourite acts that the perfect partner can give and/or receive.

  • The Perfect Partners

Threesome, foursome or orgies, you name it. Having the perfect partners will double, or triple, the pleasure and excitement. This sexual archetype is very common among men. However, it seems that women are catching on to this fantasy. It may be because that the society allows women to take in two men simultaneously, or a couple; whatever floats their boat.

Couples try to avoid the monotonous sex by making it more creative and active. This may involve inviting another couple to join you, or an extra man or a woman who can handle sexual tension. Those who already lived out this sexual archetype gave an opportunity to feel joint ecstasy.

  • Public Display and Voyeurism

Exhibitionism and voyeurism are a fantastic combo of sexual archetype. There is something pleasurable about parading the sexual act, letting other people see it, and watching it yourself. That said, exhibitionism and voyeurism aren’t entirely visual. It can be hearing someone say naughty things, or speaking about your sex life openly.

One concrete example of this is pornography. Most of our sexual archetypes are drawn from pornography, even exhibitionism and voyeurism. Porn actors perform sexual acts knowing that other people will see them, either on the big screen or online. As such, we enjoy watching people plough each other, and do our inner most sexual fetishes.