The Importance of Mental Health In Children

Children are often the image of their parents. Most proud parents recurrently refer to these tiny beings as their ‘mini me’. They are so puffed up with pride when the children start mimicking their actions. But, as so often as we are reminded, not all are meant to be parents or have the capacity to bring up a child. Sometimes what is overlooked is the mental health of these people. The importance of mental health in children cannot be stressed enough. If the adults they are around with are not of sound mind, then these children might suffer in some way.

Good mental health helps children with self confidence and high self-esteem. It enables them to have a healthy view of themselves and not to shy away from social situations. They think clearly and can do small decisions involving day to day activities. It gives them the ability to be resilient to grow up to be well adjusted, contributing to the community adult.

Every adult around the child contributes in some way to his mental health. So parents need to at least provide the care that are expected of them. All others should have professional development for teachers or its equivalent to ensure that they will give positive influence on a child’s mental health. There must also be a few things to do to ensure proper mental health or at least prevent illness.The-Importance-of-Mental-Health-In-Children

  • Do not shy away from talking about feelings
  • Exercise is known to have psychological benefits. While the body is active, the mind regulates.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep reduces stress and puts you in a better mood thereby lessening anxiety and risk of depression. It also helps you focus and have clarity of memory.
  • A healthy diet gives your brain needed vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for it to perform well.
  • Meditate or at least have a ‘me’ time. Teach children meditation. It helps.
  • Be in good company. It is not always easy to ask for help. But when you are in good company they will notice when something is wrong.

These are just some of the things one can do and teach children so they may grow up with a good disposition and normal or improved mental health and well-being